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 May 2012 - Devon Wooden Boats now offers Shipwright Services

From 1st June, Devon Wooden Boats can now offer professional shipwright services covering the areas of Teignmouth, Shaldon, Torquay, Paignton and Brixham in Devon. We can undertake all manner of yacht and dinghy restoration, repairs and general maintenance.

We are insured to work on yachts up 60 feet and £250,000 in value, however if you have a larger or higher value yacht please do still contact us, as it will only take a phone call to change our premium.

For more details of the services offered please see the new menu item “Shipwright Services”.

I hope everyone likes our Diamond Jubilee background, I simply couldn’t resist!


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 March/April 2012 - The new brochures and flyers are now out and about.
The brochures and flyers are now printed and will be appearing at sailing clubs and notice boards along the south coast over the coming weeks.

If you think other members of your club that would be interested in one of our boats, then please do drop me an email or contact me on Facebook with the club contact details and I will put a flyer and brochure in the post to the club.

Many thanks,



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 December 2011 - First mention in Classic Boat magazine!

Devon Wooden Boats gets its first mention in the January 2012 issue of “Classic Boat” magazine within the “Yard News” section, look out on Page 114 last paragraph first column. Below is the text:

“And in Kingsteignton, Devon, Peter Newbery-Thornton recently picked up tools again after a 15-year hiatus in internet marketing (he could take no more). He’s called his new business Devon Wooden Boats and has built his first Devon Darlin’. It’s an 11ft (3.4m) ply dinghy with built-in retractable beaching wheels. Next up is a 26ft (8m) sailing yacht.”

Christmas seems to have come early!



Classic Boat Magazine January 2012 - 25 Year Anniversary Issue

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 20th October 2011 - Web Site Goes Live

The culmination of 18 months work:

Starting as a passing comment, while away on holiday that it would be nice to return to boatbuilding, to a blank sheet of paper on a drawing board, to setting up the workshop, through the building process, to testing and photographing, video editing and photo processing, website design and brochure layout.

I’ve done it, Its Live!

The first Devon Darlin’ 11 is now offered for sale!

Devon Wooden Boats Ltd. is open for business and taking orders!

Time for a cup of tea I think,



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 1st October 2011 - Test Day & Photo Shoot

Nearing the culmination of 18 months work was one of the most exciting and nerve racking days of my life; I think the closest comparison would be to that of getting married!

We loaded the boat up and took her down to Teignmouth, choosing the afternoon and low water as there is less of a tide rip and it meant we could watch the Rugby World Cup match between England and Scotland in the morning!

Having arrived and unloaded the boat onto the soft wet sand, the moment of truth had arrived.  She wheeled beautifully over to a prime spot to be photographed prior to her first launch. Then it was time for her to get wet! Once again she manoeuvred easily, even after being at rest for quite a while, entering the water to quite a cheer.

Not forgetting health and safety I donned my lifejacket and stepped aboard. To my great delight she felt very light to row, even when pulling hard she stayed straight and true but was also extremely manoeuvrable.

Next came the buoyancy and stability tests - it seemed such a shame to fill her with sandy water and seaweed, but it had to be done.

As you will see from the video it took two of us to pull her over and hold her at gunwale level. As designed the water only started coming up around the edge of the wheel box at the same time as it started to come over the gunwale.

We held the gunwale down to fill her with as much water as possible but she just wanted to right herself. To prove just how buoyant she is one of my helpers stood in her keeping the gunwale under water and she just stayed floating at that angle in a stable manner. He then levelled her out and had to try quite hard to move what was approx 1 ton of water around in her. Despite this volume of water inside her, she sat only about 3 inches lower in the sea yet was still very stable and easy to bale out.

Finally a Huge Thank You to all those who helped out, and didn't mind getting wet!

Next - the task of processing the photos and video footage, to complete the design of the website and brochure.

All in all, a very successful day!



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