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Boatbuilding & Contract Work

The company’s founder has been designing boats most of his life, in fact it’s the reason he trained as a shipwright (read more). He is currently developing designs for dinghies, day sailers, yachts and launches.

If you have a new-build project you wish to discuss, please do get in touch.

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Our Own Dinghies

The Devon Darlin’ 11’ is a wooden amphibious rowing dinghy that really turns heads whether stationary in the club dinghy park or on the slipway/beach. Just step out and keep walking with the boat at your side - no more wondering who has used your launching trolley or where have they left it this time!

The easyLAUNCH 9 Dinghy is a GRP development of the Darlin’ 11 as people asked for a utility version. It’s an easy to store, easy to launch and easy to drag back up the beach or slipway, everyday use tender. With its built-in retractable 14-inch diameter solid puncture proof launching wheels positioned at the balance point it’s light work to manoeuvre.

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One Off Commissions Or Boats Built To Class Rules

Our one-off commissions are built to the highest possible standards of workmanship. There is nothing more satisfying or challenging than developing the design of your new boat; from the type of hull and rig, to the systems for handling the boat to the custom layout below decks with a home or locker designed for every item.

A great advantage of a new boat is knowing that you won’t have any major refit or restoration bills waiting just around the corner. You will get to enjoy many seasons with normal maintenance to keep her in top condition.

Boatbuilding - One Off Commisions - Detail

#Dash Dinghies

Check out our sister company #Dash Dinghies Ltd.

High Performance Wooden Dinghies.

The #DASH12 performance sailing dinghy was created following a lunchtime conversation between team members at Devon Wooden Boats Ltd. We were reminiscing about our younger years of sailing single handed performance dinghies.

So we decided to design a boat we’d love to sail. We started a separate company Dash Dinghies Ltd – to avoid distracting from Devon Wooden Boats’ specialist restoration work.

Our Own Designs

When it comes to superb designs, Devon Wooden Boats has some of the best you will find. We have designed and are further developing a range of traditional day sailers and launches built in clinker or carvel depending on customer choice. Properly maintained they’ll become heritage boats and passed down for future generations.

Boatbuilding - Our Own Designs